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Physical Therapy

Spine Center and Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Englewood, PC

Pain Management & Physical Therapy located in Englewood, NJ

Whether you’re recovering from an accident or other trauma, or suffer from chronic pain or other ailments, you could benefit from physical therapy (PT). At Spine Center and Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Englewood, PC, in Englewood, New Jersey, the expert physicians work closely with highly trained physical therapists to ensure you receive the rehabilitation and strengthening you need to enjoy more mobility and less pain. Women, men, children, and all athletes in the Englewood area can benefit from PT. 

Physical Therapy Q & A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT) consists of a series of exercises that are custom-designed to help you recover from an accident or trauma, manage chronic pain, and strengthen your body. You may need PT if you:

  • Suffer from chronic pain
  • Had a motor vehicle or other type of accident
  • Recently fell
  • Recently had surgery
  • Recently gave birth
  • Have arthritis
  • Have diabetes or another chronic condition

Your physical therapist can also help strengthen your pelvic floor to alleviate incontinence or other genitourinary or bowel disorders.

When should I get PT?

Your Spine Center and Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Englewood, PC, physician may recommend PT if you haven’t responded to other treatments. They may also advise you to strengthen an injured area with PT before resorting to more drastic measures, such as surgery. Athletes might request PT to help speed recovery after an injury, or to help prevent injuries in the future.

What happens in a PT session?

The physical therapists who work with Spine Center and Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Englewood, PC, have a wide range of treatment equipment and modalities. They custom -design your PT based on your symptoms and areas of weakness in your body. 

PT treatments include:

  • Strengthening exercises (i.e., using bands or weights)
  • Stretching exercises
  • Passive joint mobilization
  • Soft-tissue massage to increase circulation
  • Balance exercises
  • Hot and cold contrast therapy

Your therapist designs your program to match your current level of health and fitness, and then gradually increases the number of repetitions or length of exercises to help you get stronger. You may need 1-2 sessions per week to regain strength, and then taper off as your pain subsides and your mobility increases.

Can I do PT at home, too?

Part of your PT session includes education about how your body works and the exercises you need to do to keep it healthy and strong. Your PT shows you which exercises you should do at home on a daily basis, between scheduled PT visits, and also advises you about how to maintain your fitness after your PT has ended.

Restore strength and mobility after an injury, prevent future injuries, and manage chronic pain by scheduling a PT evaluation at Spine Center and Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Englewood, PC. Call the friendly staff or use the online booking form.